is a unique Search engine for finding and matching names irrespective of how they are spelled - in any language. For example, it can accommodate the variations of foreign names when written in English. When such names are transcribed into English, they can be represented in any number of different spelling. This has hitherto hindered effective searching in financial and security databases.

It achieves unparalleled accuracy and speed while overcoming variations due to misspelling, transcriptions, concatenation, splitting, hyphenation, transpositions of characters, acronyms, phonetic representation, sequence variation, synonyms, nicknames and the variety of representation resulting from transcribing Middle Eastern/ foreign names into the Latin alphabet. see product details; click to see advantages.

PC Version

  • For all operating systems
  • Fully functional Watch List checking application
  • Interactive checking or automated (using text files for names to be checked)
  • Very fast operation (less than a second for interactive searching)
  • Available free of charge - Download it here

Server Version

  • Runs on Variety of servers
  • Provides multi user access to watch list checking
  • Can be automated to check entire databases
  • Can be used for spelling-tolerant searching of customer data
  • Easy to deploy and configure

SDK version

  • Empowers organisations to integrate VariSearch technology within their own applications
  • Easy to embed within other programs
  • Full integration can be completed within few days
  • Readily customised, configured and updated

Mobile version

  • Watch list checking on the move
  • Very fast operation in interactive mode
  • Provide the full power and speed of VariSearch on handheld devices
  • Can search across watch lists
  • The application is self contained and runs independently of servers


Arapen is a handwriting recognition system that reads natural, cursive (joined up) Arabic handwriting in real time. It has a high recognition success rate which can be further improved by enabling its learning mode.

PC Version

  • Fully functional using a mouse or digitizing tablet
  • Runs on all Windows versions
  • Can be used to teach children how to write properly
  • Recognition output can be directed to any active Window

Interactive whiteboard version

  • Designed for teaching and presentations applications
  • Can be integrated into various Whiteboard systems
  • Output can be seen in a separate window or stored
  • Whole whiteboard sessions can be sent by email to attendees
  • Can be tailored for schools, colleges and universities
  • Can learn new gestures for faster interaction with system

Mobile version

  • Designed for smart phones
  • Recognition output directed to any open application
  • Runs on Android and soon on Apple phones
  • Accepts stylus input or finger movements
  • Can learn new gestures

Pen version (available soon)

  • Designed as a normal size Pen
  • Can be used as a normal pen
  • The pen writes in ink on any writing surface
  • The pen remembers all words written by it
  • Contents of pen can be downloaded to PC for storage, or for printing
  • Can learn new gestures

SDK version
  • Designed for systems Integrators
  • Can be embedded into many applications
  • Recognition functions can be called using any programming language
  • Can be customized to meet individual customers’ needs
  • Full Documentations and training provided