Name Matching software

Our multi-lingual, name matching software, VariSearch has special emphasis on anti-terrorism matching functions and is very effective. Please see the help file on VariSearch: VariSearch.chm. It has many examples of the power of spelling tolerant checking.


  • A unique, timely and effective language-biased name matching solution
  • Algorithmic, fast, and performance is independent of database size
  • Tried and tested
  • Can be customized to integrate readily with all major databases and platforms
  • Readily configured and can be deployed and configured by your in-house IT team


  • Provides an immediate solution to meet anti money laundering regulation and to help the anti-terrorism efforts
  • Identifies suspects and their financial accounts irrespective of how their names are corrupted or spelled
  • Accommodates other languages for input (e.g. allows Arabic entry to search English databases and visa versa)
  • Low cost solution links to all major relational databases
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, and PDAs


  • Searches any relational databases for any local or foreign name and accommodates any Searching of names
  • Identifies aliases and provides the target information on the true identity
  • Handles initials, titles and synonyms
  • Fast performance - independent of database size
  • Can also search flat files and textual documents
  • Accommodates concatenated, split or grossly corrupted spelling or partial names
  • Accepts Latin and non-Latin Character input or a combination of both to search any database
  • Handles gross misspelling, and the vast Searching variations resulting from transcribing foreign names into English
  • Accommodates keying errors in the search name
  • Handles truncation of either end of names
  • Handles words appearing out of sequence


  • Available as a DLL or as an automation server application
  • Can be added as a new function to a SQL database (adding a keyword to the SQL language)
  • Can be tailored to integrate with various systems and platforms