Shown below are some examples of the power and function of VariSearch. More comprehensive examples and instruction are found in VariSearch.chm help file.

Applications screen

The Left panel shows the results, the right panel shows details of the record selected in the left panel.

The left panel shown below contains the matched records together with the corresponding watch list and a correlation distance from the search filed.

The Details panel, shown below, provides additional details (such as date of birth, place of births, passport numbers etc)

Functions of VariSearch

  • Phonetic matching: matches names according to their phonetic input.

  • synonyms matching: used to match records that have different representation of the name being sought. This function works even both the name and the synonym or aliases are both corrupted or misspelled.

  • Handling concatenation / splitting of names: splits concatenated words correctly and joins split ones on the fly during the matching Process.

  • Handling Initials : Initials are handled correctly whether or not they are on their own or part of words.

Performance: is independent of the size of the database.