Security Checking

VariSearchâ has the following specific features which proved to be of great value:

  • Tailored Functionality

Specially biased towards matching Middle Eastern names but can of course match names from any other part of the world.

  • Bilingual Input/ Output

Accepts Latin and Arabic characters to search English, Arabic or bilingual databases

  • Runs on large systems, PCs and handheld devices

Can run on centralized systems , PC and mobile devices (such as PDAs, Pen scanners - to check names read from ID cards o passports - and other portables devices)

  • Searches structured and unstructured data

Searches relational databases (e.g. SQL server, ORACLE, DB2, Informix) as well as structured and unstructured text files

  • Adds functionality to other applications

SDK readily allows functionality to be embedded in other applications. Off-the-shelf Server or PC based automation server allows any program to call functionality without incurring integration costs.

  • Low cost 

Corporate license, country license and globe license provides low cost solutions to allow PC-based operations to all field offices and to security agents on the move

  • Easily distributed to field offices

Can be readily distributed to any number of deposit takers, police stations or remote law enforcement or customs offices to run on PC or handheld devices

  • Helps those on the move

Lists of suspects (or wanted felons) can be held within handheld devices (such as a a PDA or Pen scanner ) to facilitates the checking of people at ports of entry or on the move (e.g. by use by the police and military personnel)

  • Can search streamed data

Software can be used to check streamed data input (such as that generated by voice to text translators)

  • Can search for duplicate data

Software can be used to check for duplicate entries (irrespective of how they are misspelled) and to compare whole contents of different databases to check for differences in records.