Advantages of VariSearch compared with other products

  • Unrivalled ability to match names - Accommodates gross misspelling, concatenation, splitting, keyboard errors, phonetics, transcription or keyboarding errors, nicknames, short forms, missing words, extra words, noise and sequence variations
  • No changes made to your databases - No new indexes needed; no new tables created
  • No need for Sanitization of your database records; no need to re-order any of your data
  • Searching is done on the whole database, not on a pre-determined set, as implemented

    by other name-matching software

  • No need for tokenisation or pre-processing of your database
  • Very fast searching - performance is independent of the size of your database
  • Links to major RDBMS (SQL Server, ORACLE 8 or DB2 and can be customised for others)
  • Can search all formats of data - Works with structured data as well as flat files (text files) and web pages

  • Accepts Arabic Input and can search Arabic/ bilingual databases
  • Runs on portable PCs and PDAs
  • Low cost licences, for unlimited search activities
  • Tried and tested with a number of agencies