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Smart Pen specialises in advanced search and recognition solutions, including spelling-tolerant searching, name-matching, cross language searching, and automated handwriting recognition of cursive handwriting.

The main products include:











VariSearch is a unique Spelling-tolerant search and name-matching solution for checking data records 

  • Effective, easy to deploy/ integrate within your environment
  • Advanced checking using latest name-matching technology
  • SDK enables embedding solution with your own application
  • Versions for PC, Servers and Pocket PC

We are confident that you would be impressed enough to consider our SDK and/ or our server solutions provide individual customized solutions.

It achieves unparalleled accuracy and speed while overcoming variations due to misspelling, transcriptions, concatenation, splitting, hyphenation, transpositions of characters, acronyms, phonetic representation, sequence variation, synonyms, nicknames and the variety of representation resulting from transcribing Middle Eastern/ foreign names into the Latin alphabet. 

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Arapen is UNIQUE. It is the first software in the world that reads natural Arabic handwriting in real-time. It is astoundingly fast, reads cursive (joined up) writing and does not need training on the part of the user.

The software is designed to run on PDAs, PCs (using any number of low cost tablets) and on Tablet PCs and smart mobile phones.

The software offers the following world's first features:
  • Reading of cursive script - it accommodates joined up letters as well as single letters
  • Reliable - high recognition success rates
  • No training of software needed - works straight out of the box
  • Intuitive and Easy to use - letters can be written as if on paper. Dots and dashes can be written in any order
  • Fast processing - recognised complete words in a fraction of second
  • Versatile - connects to any application or active window
  • Runs on different platforms - PCs, Pocket PCs, PDA, Tablet PC
  • Can be integrated - an SDK will be available for integrators and manufacturers of hand-held devices and can search Arabic/ bilingual databases

The output can be accepted by any active application running on the machine

Although there is no need for training, there is a facility to let the user define new shapes to represent shortcuts to words or whole sentences.